Popular Engagement Ring Styles

The saying that diamonds are a girl's best friend still rings true to this day. Even with all the trends and styles emerging, women just cannot get enough of diamonds. That being said, the best time to receive these diamonds is probably the day she is going to commit her life to her partner.
Engagements are not complete without the ring and it is considered to be the symbol that binds the two individuals together.

If you want to make this occasion more meaningful, diamond engagement rings are your best friend. Fortunately, there are a variety of diamond wedding rings available online and around the world today, here are just some of them:

Round Cut
This has been a classic and is still quite popular today. The round cut diamond engagement ring is one of the most romantic ways to show your love to your partner and it will not be a classic if it isn't loved by everyone after all.

Princess Cut
This is a type of design that combines rare cut and design. This is quite a modern hit among the womenfolk with its rectangle or square cut diamond in the middle. You might have noticed that celebrities and high profile individuals have been sporting this ring. It is simple the perfect combination of style, tradition and class.

Three Stone Diamond
This is a ring that symbolizes the past, present and future thus considered a symbol of eternal love. This means that you believe your love will be the same as in the past, present and in the future. It is simply beautiful and elegant without being too flashy. This is also quite a popular choice among working women who like to flaunt their gold jewellery and relationship to others.

Designer Diamond Cuts
These are personalized engagement rings that are custom made for the love of your life. You can choose the design based on your budget and can be done based on your choice of design. You can make it more personal and meaningful by choosing this type of engagement ring.

Victorian Rings
No matter how modern the world becomes, there will always be a place for vintage things. Victorian rings are antique diamond rings that depict priceless and sentimental love. These are usually the type of rings that have been passed down from one generation to another. However, you can now cop these designs online as well, who doesn't love a vintage look after all?