All about Engagement and Wedding Rings

A wedding ring might sometimes be referred to as a wedding band. It is usually a finger ring and it indicates that the person wearing it is married. It is forged with metal and traditionally it was forged of gold or any other precious metal. Depending on the culture a wedding ring is worn on the left and maybe sometimes the right ring finger. So much importance is attached to a wedding ring such that it is among the few items that inmates are allowed to have and visitors are not asked to remove. This ring is presented during a marriage union and it is worn by the two spouses. It embodies union and marital commitment.

On the other hand there is an engagement ring. An engagement ring indicates that the wearer is engaged to be married. They are mostly made of diamonds or other gemstones. In most cases they are worn by women. It represents a formal agreement to future marriage and it is a gift to by a partner mostly the male to their prospective spouse while they propose for marriage. The commitment and promise of marriage is also represented by an engagement ring.

A ring is jewelry and therefore at times they are adorned for beauty. A ring, be it an engagement ring, wedding ring or any other type of ring must be appealing to the eye and therefore gemstones are used to make rings. The gemstones used can vary from a ruby, amber, pearls, jasper, jade and emerald just to mention a few. Metals are used to make these rings too. The metals used are gold, silver, titanium and platinum. Yellow or white gold can be used and sterling silver too. In engagement rings mostly diamonds are the ones that are used.

One can either buy a ring from a physical store or from an online jewellery store. When it is required within a short period of time the physical store is preferred. To get the ring of one's choice on the other hand the online store is the best. Online stores offer a variety of rings made from different gemstones. The engagement rings have different designs and one can choose a design of their choice from a list on the online store's website. The prices too are reasonable according to what one wants and they are delivered to the customer's destination.